Raploch on Film

Raploch URC, along with Architecture and Design Scotland, Rankin Fraser Architects and WAVEparticle, took a large area of stalled space known as Site Seven at the back of Craighall Crescent in Raploch. The land was planted and landscaped to build a space for outdoor events, performance an outdoor cinema. A path was made into the site and a large circular disc cleared and prepared to hold a promenade audience. WAVEparticle engaged local filmmakers to build three 30minute films for a multi-screen outdoor screening on Earth Day, Friday 22nd April 2011. The event saw over 300 people attend the first ever event at the Green Arena.

“The gathering at the Raploch Green Arena was a glimpse of the past whilst looking forward, memories of years gone by and tree planting for the future, old residents meeting new. The community was ‘out’ together. A good night for the Raploch and its community, all the people new and old, mixing in The Green Arena”. 

– Vincent Connell, local resident and representative of the Smith Art Gallery and Museum.

“It was a great event to be involved in. It was good to see the history of Raploch and the stories told by Danny McGregor and Jimmy Ford. It was great to get everyone together, as we’ve not had that for a while. It will be good to have a space like the Green Arena, which can be used by the Raploch people.”

– James Maguire, local resident