WAVEparticle is an organisation set up in 2006 by lead artist Peter McCaughey to support and direct a team approach to urban regeneration arts projects, public art commissions and various levels of creative consultation.

WAVEparticle is a team of practicing artists, and we approach all projects with a wealth of technical experience and a desire to experiment and innovate at all levels of production. We actively work across a wide network of artists, writers, poets, boat builders, dancers, stonemasons, filmmakers and community organisers. Our approach is explorative, ambitious and collaborative.

We have curated and delivered artwork for both temporary installations and permanent commissions, including, most recently: the award-winning Outdoor Museum in Helensburgh; the much-loved '7 Arches' permanent artwork in Cleland Street Underpass, Glasgow in collaboration with the Gorbals Arts Project; and a new community-generated artwork for Kilmarnock Rail Station completed in December 2016.

We are also developing and implementing long-term art strategies for the New Gorbals Health Centre and for the area of Laurieston in Glasgow.

WAVEparticle also brings a depth of experience to consultation-led processes. In teams of architects, engineers and traffic experts we delivered six Scottish Government funded charrettes during 2016, and worked at a number of different levels on animation, place-making and masterplanning projects across the UK. The WAVEparticle team tune into the expertise of the various team members to draw out inventive approaches and solutions and to ensure that the final artwork is meaningfully embedded within the overall project.

Within all of our projects, community consultation is at the heart of the process. Inspired by personal stories and local knowledge, WAVEparticle harnesses the potential to positively affect a sense of place.