Glasgow International 2016

Glasgow International is a world-renowned biennial festival of contemporary art which showcases the best of local and international art for wide-ranging audiences. The seventh edition took place in the city from 8th - 25th April 2016.

WAVEparticle was delighted to be included in Glasgow International 2016 Across the City Programme – hosting The Circus Between Worlds by Walker and Bromwich in the Caledonia Road Church, and Dan Miller’s project Oersted for Artists in Arches in the Cleland Lane Arches.

Focused under the lens of GI, The Circus Between Worlds at the Caledonia Road Church and Oersted in Artists in Arches, drew audiences to this area of the city, just south of the river, and to these two connected but very diverse, exciting spaces. Over 700 people attended the Oersted and Circus Between Worlds projects during Glasgow International, including many local residents as well as visitors to the city. These projects ran concurrently and together, with the two projects forming one core, live Open Spaces programme during Glasgow International 2016, with complementary activities across the two spaces.

Caledonia Road Church: The Circus Between Worlds

The Caledonia Road Church hosted a series of one-off events and performances, as well as artist workshops, installed sculptures, and ephemera from the development process for Circus Between Worlds, a concept set to be a long-term, ambitious, live project. 

Circus Between Worlds brought together a maverick troupe of performers colliding the artistic vision of Zoe Walker & Neil Bromwich. Circus Between Worlds developed as if an encampment had arrived in town, bringing with it a bizarre and eclectic collection of performers. A series of performance nights took shape, hovering somewhere between the first hints of circus performed on village greens in rural France and the sentiment of death metal.  

Artists in Arches, (AiA):  Oersted 

With artists Dan Miller, Rasmus Danø, Søren Hüttel, Steff Norwood, Colin Orr and Kev Pollock 

This group exhibition, curated by Dan Miller, presented new work by six artists from Glasgow and Copenhagen. It incorporated a wide range of media to create a dynamic and immersive audio-visual environment – a place of intermittent ocular and auricular experience.  

Artists in Arches has already housed several very successful events ranging from theatre performance to immersive sculptural installations. The spaces are large, atmospheric and distinct, whilst allowing immediate access to a series of unique projects across the one locale. Network Rail has worked closely with WAVEparticle in supporting the tenancy of these spaces, and the ambition is to make the venues more visible and known to artists as an incredible opportunity to host a range of projects.

WAVEparticle is the caretaker of these spaces through the Laurieston Art Strategy (link to page) as part of the Art & Living: Laurieston (link to page) project.


April 2016