Overhead / Underfoot

WAVEparticle, was commissioned by Scottish Natural Heritage and Creative Scotland to create a new artwork that could mark both the beginning and the end of the new John Muir Way, with Helensburgh selected as the start and/or the end point of this beautiful walking and cycling trail.

The idea for the John Muir Way artwork was developed by Peter McCaughey, Lead Artist of WAVEparticle, with S1 pupils from Hermitage Academy, as part of a ‘My Creative Community’ day held at the school in February 2014.  This was a unique day of creative activity, involving all 260 S1 pupils in 72 workshops, with the pupils participating in developing ideas for the John Muir Way marker, taking inspiration from the example of John Muir himself.

Following on from this, WAVEparticle created Overhead / Underfoot - a disc comprised of two elements, an outer ring of black granite and an inner red sandstone circle. The black granite outer ring has the John Muir quotation “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe” inlaid in white stone, using letters from John Muir’s own handwriting.  The inner sandstone circle holds handcarved footprints of varying sizes, which provide an opportunity for visitors and for anyone undertaking/completing the John Muir Way to stand, to rest, to take stock of the John Muir Way they have just completed or are about to commence.  Also represented within the work, by granite discs of varying sizes is the constellation that was overhead on Christmas Eve, 1914, when John Muir passed away. 


Sept 2014


Scottish Natural Heritage and Creative Scotland


Lead Artist